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My Milk


We have reached the point in the life of my milk where the date says something contrary to the taste.
The reciprocal affection between us grows now stronger
for my milk is mindful of the fact that I must proceed with caution, and it does its best itself not to waste.
It preserves itself with admirable tenacity, going beyond the call of used-by date.

It defies the tag imprinted on its skin like a slave tattoo
My milk, like me, does not believe in clairvoyance and divinations.
My milk, like me, is a Nietzschean and strong  -
its cold refrigerated world provides conditions by which it may impose its own will
and it does not just will to live until tomorrow in its optimum state
my milk wills to be the best milk my bowl and mug will ever know!

And when it’s gone - should it ever decide it is time to do so -
my bowl and mug will say “that milk was the greatest milk we ever knew. It was for us an example -
a stalwart of positive consciousness, a supermilk, a free milk that divined that the truth lay under its blue cap.
Its contents were its own to rule and it did so with aplomb!”

But even now as we enter into a time in the life of my milk where I as a human being, base and full of negativity,
take measures to ensure that my milk is still alive and well - morning by morning, daily sipping and sniffing at it with fear and doubt
insulting it with my science and “experience” -
my milk confronts me with a smug wink of the eye and wry little smile:
"I have not given up the wraith" it says "how could i? And you, oh crown of all creation, knower and calculator of all things, how could you not know me? Master, learn mastery over your life, as I have over mine."
So with hearty confidence I thrust my milk down my throat!
With eyes closed and without inhibition I pour copious amounts into my bowl and into my mug, and with that, my day I start.